Supporting Farmers, Supporting Families.

When it comes to planting, growing, harvesting and processing the food that eventually ends up on our community’s tables, Campora’s propane and propane services provide farmers with the proper tools to get the work done right and efficiently. We’re more than proud to take part in supporting our local farmers and the work they do to keep our communities eating healthy.


Tons of agricultural product, including nuts, corn, wheat, soybeans, rice and other grains are dried in dryers. It’s a critical process in farms around the country to prevent spoilage during storage. Propane is the perfect fuel to drive this process. It’s reliable and cost-effective, and today’s high-efficiency propane-powered dryers make it even more of a value. It’s not just the product that benefits, you’ll see the difference in your wallet as well. That’s why propane is the fuel of choice for farmers nationwide.


AgricultureCampora Propane works with dairies in Northern California and Western Nevada to power the processes that form the backbone of their businesses. Since every dairy has different needs, we personalize a propane program for each customer.

We offer an automatic delivery program dairy customers can rely on. Businesses who enroll in our program can be sure that they never run out of propane. We use past usage and other details specific to the customer to create a customized schedule. There’s no need to monitor propane levels, because we’ll do it! In addition to the benefits of Auto Delivery, customers also get:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Experienced Service Technicians and Delivery Drivers
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Access to Your Account Online
  • Automatic Payment Program



Installing a quality gas heater in your coop can take care of your heating needs to protect your livestock. A propane system is the perfect heating solution when electricity is not a cost-effective option. Keep your stock and your business growing with propane.


A power failure can devastate a farm in a hurry. That’s why a backup power source like an emergency generator is a critical piece of equipment. Backup generators not only prevent costly interruptions in operations but also protect livestock and ensure that critical equipment like water wells and ventilation fans are always functioning. Propane also gives farmers additional peace of mind because it will not degrade over time, unlike gasoline or diesel.


More and more farms rely on propane to heat greenhouses, keeping both plants and animals safely heated during cold winter months. Propane can also be used to power the equipment that keeps greenhouses clean and sanitized.

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