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Campora Propane has more than 70 years of experience providing reliable propane service and unmatched personal service to commercial customers, and we are ready to handle all of your propane needs.

Whatever your industry, Campora Propane can design a plan to fit your needs. From tank delivery to 24/7 emergency service and everything in between, Campora Propane is your full-service commercial propane solution.


Campora Propane works with you to keep your forklifts fully fueled and on the job. Propane has become a leader in the industrial market because it offers a number of advantages. The forklift is the workhorse of the work force, with over 600,000 propane-powered forklifts in service every day.

A few key advantages for choosing a propane-powered forklift are:

  • Lower emissions than gasoline, diesel, and electric forklifts with an efficiency rate of nearly 90%.
  • Operates more quickly than electric forklifts.
  • Propane powers your forklift on 100% power throughout operation.
  • Propane engines can require less maintenance and last longer than gasoline engines.
  • Campora provides safety training to your employees on proper handling and filling of propane forklift cylinders.


The customer is not thinking of cooking fuel when he or she sits down for that special meal in your restaurant. But the chef is! Propane allows for precision cooking control – a key element in commercial food preparation. That’s why restaurants, diners, caterers and mobile food providers across the country choose propane. Not only is propane both energy- and cost-efficient, but it’s also an excellent choice to meet the challenges of food service.

Not all heating methods are the same. Propane heats quickly and evenly for easier preparation and more professional presentation. With an instant gas flame, you can cook as soon as you turn on your appliance without wasting time waiting for the burners to heat up, improving efficiency. Propane grills, stoves and other equipment are safe for use in a wide range of kitchens, dining rooms and remote service providers. And propane-fueled burners cool much faster than electric burners, which minimizes the dangerous situations that could occur after cooking.

And it’s not just about cost, it’s about value. Propane enables you to provide a dining experience that’s comfortable, clean, quiet and inviting. Propane heaters, grills, stoves and fryers keep energy costs in check, and give you the financial flexibility to grow your business.

For establishments of any size, propane is a perfect fit. You don’t have to worry about compatibility, costly installation or maintenance concerns. Propane tanks for restaurant equipment also eliminate the need for a nearby gas pipeline, saving you the hassles and fees associated with them. For everything from convection ovens and burners to griddles and deep fryers, propane is a reliable fuel that should be in any restaurant’s kitchen.


Hotels and motels rely on propane for the same reasons homeowners do — for space heating, water heating, pools and cooking. Propane gas lets customers enjoy their temporary quarters in comfort, while keeping your energy costs down.

  • Space Heating – Keep your guests comfortable! High-efficiency gas heating equipment can be used in a wide range of heating applications, including central or zone, forced air and radiant systems.
  • Water Heating – Propane heats water much faster than electricity. And compared to electric heaters, propane-fueled heaters can significantly reduce energy costs
  • Cooking – With its instant response and variable flame, propane gives the chefs in your dining room the heat they want and the control they need to prepare the appetizing meals that will keep your guests coming back. And today’s high-efficiency cooking equipment makes gas even more economical to use.


Propane can lower your total cost-of-ownership while reducing emissions. That means it’s not only green in an environmental sense, it can also help put some “green” back in your pocket. Propane offers more uptime and scalable capabilities.

At Campora Propane, we make buying propane easy by creating personalized solutions for our commercial customers. A propane run-out can be disastrous for a reseller. Our automatic delivery program will ensure your business never runs out, which means that you never have to worry about your propane levels because we do.

For bulk refilling stations, the most economical way to purchase propane is the Campora way!

  • Automatic Propane Delivery Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Complete Installations
  • Certified Service Personnel
  • System Safety Checks
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • Assistance in Obtaining Necessary Permits
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